“After reviewing the material and completing the sample lesson that you let us have access to, we have came to the conclusion that this will be a huge benefit to our Emergency Dispatch Department . . . .  I look forward to working with you in the future.  I am excited for the opportunity to continue our education.”


--- Theresa in Alabama

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the program!!! I took the first lesson on the bank robbery call  . . . I think this would be a very beneficial training program to have in our communications center. I came away from the lesson feeling like I learned a ton of valuable ‘relative’ information. So much of our training is geared towards ‘general, generic and mostly obvious’ knowledge. Most of our training has left me with many grey areas and more questions. This program can fill in some of the gaps and answer so many questions. I love that it uses REAL life situations that we as call takers can relate to and would be able to utilize every day. The program has the potential to really influence call takers on the importance of certain questions, handling officer/caller safety, customer service and legalities. I love the out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to the follow-up questions and relating to the caller. I have to admit that I have been stumped on what else to ask a caller, after getting all the [pertinent standard operation procedure] questions out of the way. I also love that it is ‘all inclusive’; covering everything from how to get the proper location, to the importance of customer service. I know it will also stimulate a lot of positive discussion among the call takers. . . . I can’t wait to start taking these lessons on a regular basis.”


--- Candice in Florida

“I personally fell in love with your program from the first training quiz I took. I felt it was the best continuing education program out there and did not let up talking about it until I was able to get my whole county using it. Not only is it great for Telecommunicators, but with all the great information contained in each quiz I was able to write a standard operating procedure for found bombs. I have never received so much positive feedback from our employees on any other program we have implemented over the years. You have the best program out there!  Thanks.”


--- Sue in Florida

“I would also like to take this opportunity to say how much the Dispatchers are benefitting from your company's product - I have seen good changes and much more attention being paid to how they handle calls and ask for information.


--- Wendylynn in Kansas

PLS is so far the easiest [training program] to navigate, and so far the most beneficial. As a matter of fact, I was on a call last week . . . and the caller state[d] "oh he almost hit a guy walking."  I just took that PLS course a month or so ago-- it stood the hair on my neck up-- made me think of the outcome of that call and caused my inflection to change as I directed our officers. . . . Keep up the good work. . . .”


--- Bob in Connecticut

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