PLS DISPATCH PRO, Reality-Based Online Training, is a comprehensive, cost-effective training program for dispatchers. Each month, lesson takers listen to actual 911 emergency calls selected for relevance of the call topic and training value.  Experienced dispatchers examine each call and focus the training on developing key call management and interpersonal skills.  The analysis of the call is divided into the following segments: Fundamental Dispatch Skills, Professionalism, Customer Service, Epilogue, and Outside the Call. 


Our lessons include background information, along with facts and statics regarding the emergencies handled in the calls. As a result, the lessons provide training on two levels: call management skills and building familiarity with the various emergency situations dispatchers encounter. A trusted training resource throughout North America, PLS Dispatch Pro is an effective training tool that can make a difference in your dispatch center.



·         Satisfy CDE recertification requirements for APCO (EMD designations) and IAED (EMD, EPD, and EFD designations) as well as many state-specific requirements.

·         Require no special hardware or software.

·         Are available 24/7.

·         Help reduce staffing shortages and overtime expenses.

·         Are user-friendly and easy to administer.

·         Provide training records for trouble-free management.

·         Promote discussion and self-evaluation.

·         Challenge and reinvigorate veteran dispatchers.

·         Shorten the learning curve for new hires.

·         Are used by many managers as the basis of an ongoing training and quality control program.


PLS DISPATCH PRO offers your choice of the following lesson packages:

  • Law Enforcement – lessons are based on law enforcement emergencies

    • 12-Lesson Package - $120 per dispatcher per year (one lesson every month)

    •  6-Lesson Package - $80 per dispatcher per year (one lesson every two months)

  • Public Safety – lessons based on law enforcement, fire, and medical emergencies

    • 16-Lesson Package - $160 per dispatcher per year (at least one lesson each month)

    •  6-Lesson Package - $80 per dispatcher per year (one lesson every two months)

Discounts are available for larger agencies..


Lesson Packages
Benefits For Dispatchers and Administrators

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